The work of Joadoor is characterized by the neo-classic touch that pervades his multi-faceted work. His subjects refer to images from cultures as diverse as classical Roman, traditional Chinese and medieval Gothic. Modern and classical elements are combined in an atmosphere of opulence and elegance and expressed in a tapestry of beautiful and rich colors. Still, the touch that sets them apart in terms of originality and tone of voice is unmistakenly Joadoor. The artist name of Joadoor covers two successful Dutch artists, Ger Doornink (portrait) and Hans-Jochem Bakker, both conceptual artists, painters and photographers. Together they are Joadoor; together they explore the values of ancient and classical art styles while developing new, contemporary images with the unique Joadoor touch. Ger Doornink and Hans-Jochem Bakker also work under the aliases of Nik and Jaoni.